Hi  : )  

I’m Bre.

I started working on the concept of upcycled vintage when I was in college around 2004.  I based all my design projects around this idea.  100% inspired by my sister, she would alter her existing vintage when we didn’t have enough money to buy new clothes.  I think I always wanted to be a designer…but I’ve always wanted to do something greater as well.  I’m in love with the idea of making new clothing out of all the clothing thats been floating around for decades.  REDUX///RITUAL, the collection, is just that.  Upcycled clothing.  Vintage with a breath of fresh, chic air.  It’s challenging at times, but that makes it good.

Cut to 2007, while sitting at a bar in Vegas during a fabric tradeshow, I gave the concept a name, REDUX///RITUAL.  Redux - to bring back or revive. Ritual - a series of actions regularly and invariably followed by someone.  Best ideas when you’re drinking, eh?

The first thing I designed and sold were these cute little sweater shorts made out of old dad sweaters.  Spanish Moss sold them…it was cool.  I continued to design for other brands as I sold R///R on the side.  Mainly consignment until moving to LA.

In 2014 I opened my first brick and mortar in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.  It was a beautiful space, but it was hard.  Closed 1 year later…for many reasons, but the ball and chain of it all being the number one culprit.  It was such an amazing experience, but what can I say?!...I’m a free bird.

So here we are.  We, meaning me.  I do almost ALL of the business on my own.  I feel its important to express that, so you all understand how much love and creativity I give to this all.

I hope you love what I love.